Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Aux Murgers" Nuits Saints Georges Premier Cru Sylvain Cathiard 2002

Firstly, I drank way too much last night. But I suppose that I had a good reason, which was the embarrassment of riches showered on Sarah and I by our neighbors for our wedding. Seriously. Four courses, half of the cutlery off our registry, flowers, lots of great wine and great bourbon, and a stunningly good cake (Who am I? Gordon Fucking Ramsey?)

First, the Burgundy. Wow. One of the top 5 bottles of wine that I've ever consumed. This wine was really something else. I can see why people chase Burgundy after being confronted with something like the "Aux Murgers" Nuits Saints Georges Premier Cru Sylvan Cathiard 2002. Quite expensive assuming you can find it, and 2002 was just about the best year for Burgundy in recent memory. Got more and more complex the longer it was open with various spices and dark fruits. Really amazing balance--a textbook study in how all the components of a wine should interact.  

The meal started of with Lucien Albrecht Cremant d'Alsace Rose, which we've had before and is totally delicious. Went great with the mushroom crostini that we had. Next course was a seared scallop with green zebra tomatoes that our neighbors grew themselves. It was accompanied by a white bean puree that was also delicious. There was also a 2010 Kermit Lynch Macon that made an appearance--all pure apples and pears. Next, we moved over the dining room where we had an absurdly delicious chicken rubbed with ancho chile and accompanied by a mole. This was really, really, good and super complex. I brought a bottle--Domaine de Cristia CdP Blanc 2010. Almost no acid at all. Could definitely tell that this wine has a lot of Viognier because it's white CdP, but also because it was so flowery. Lots of stone fruits also. Great mouthfeel on this wine, and definitely good, but I wouldn't racing back to LA Wine Company to get another bottle unless the price was about 25% of what I paid. Back to the chicken: it was pretty goddamn great. 

And it's not like the meal ended there. Next, we had a mushroom risotto with truffles. And it was fucking great. I had a second serving of that. Obviously drank the Burgundy with that and also had sips of the Bila-Haut (peppery and Rhone-ish), and "The Shop" (Herbal red fruits. Wasn't sure I was drinking Pinot actually).

Next up was the cake. And the bourbon. I can report that I've had the Pappy Van Winkle twice now, and both times it's been the best bourbon I've ever had. It's really, really good. And it makes me wish that I was wearing a suit, tie, vest, and jacket smoking a cigar with Pappy Van Winkle. An intoxicating caramel, vanilla, and spice nose and a finish that is pretty much as timeless as the scene on the label. And that's not all. Also tried this Willett 16 Year Reserve--which was 138 proof. Delicious, but I enjoyed the regular pot still whiskey better, probably because I drank the 16 year neat. Anyway, like I said--an embarrassment of riches! Thanks Claude and Arlette.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Diamond Ridge Pinot Noir 2008

Sarah and I got this at the LA Wine Company...actually, we got two cases of it for the wedding. For $11 this is a great deal. I suppose if you are coming to the wedding I would recommend trying to drink this or the Floriana Gruner. 
We also got the last few bottles of this...a bit green really, but what do you expect for $10 Bourgogne? Can't expect much, and this definitely comes off as French. High acid, definitely not tons of fruit to go around. This made me pretty happy actually, although really I think what you're paying for is the fact that it's a only $10 and it's from Burgundy. Could you get better shit for the same price? Absolutely. 
Took a flyer on this--figured that it would be pretty good since it's from Niagra on the Lake and a Riesling. It was. Flowery, citrus, acid. Pretty delicious for 11.99 at Costco. I would buy this wine again. 

$8 at TJ's--figured what the hell--it might be good. Not really. Kinda plonky I think. Just not a lot going on. Probably paying for the fact that the grapes are organic. Who cares. 
WTF is up with this wine? Is it going to like attack me or something? The illustration is like a bad acid trip and I want it to go away. The wine is more or less the same. It's drinkable, but for $7 certainly nothing to write home about or be all that interested in. Grab something else. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Donkey and Goat Mendocino Syrah 2007

This wine was provided as a sample by the guys at It was totally delicious syrah in a relatively cool style. Sold out now, but was around $40. A whole lot of blackberry and raspberry supported by a bit of pepper. This wine did come off as a little hard in terms of balance, but it was pretty good. Plus, the Donkey and Goat story is pretty cool--the people behind the winery went to train with Eric Texier in the Rhone...and yeah...this wine really tasted like the Rhone. 
Jon David Headrick is on of my favorite importers--this wine was totally delicious. Well balanced, with great acidity. Super clean too. Well worth a look. You can grab this at K&L. Around $15 I think. 
I was searching for wedding wines; this was $12 at Costco and I took a flyer on it. It was pretty good for $12, but not what I would call exciting. Fairly lush, but not over to the ridiculous side of things.