Monday, March 26, 2012

Saumur-Champigny Domaine Roches Neuve (Thierry Germaine) 2010

This wine is criminally delicious. Perhaps it's because it's been a while since I've had a Loire Cab Franc...which really is my most endearing love affair as far as wine is concerned. Thierry Germain's family has roots in Bordeaux, but he's bet big on the Loire and is completely bio-dynamic. I love the importer for this wine too--Jean David Headrick--he reps some other great Loire estates like Domaine Noblaie, Frederic Mabileau, and Merieau. In short, great book and just another example of the "buy the importer" principle. Anyway, Sarah and I had Domaine des Roches Neuves L'Insolite Saumur (a Chenin Blanc) last year in St.-Malo with a huge plate of seafood and that's well worth checking out if you can find it. This particular wine is awesome, with a huge floral nose backed up by plenty of plummy fruit, and some nice acidity. Textbook Cab Franc--totally delicious, deceptively light bodied (meaning that it packs a lot more into the lighter frame than you think it should), and totally worth drinking. $20, and can be picked up at my favorite place to purchase wine in LA--K&L Wines

Some More Random Wines

Been listening to a lot of the Descendents lately. Specifically, the albums Cool to be You and Everything Sucks. Milo Goes to College is awesome...but I've listened to it so many times that I can listen to it on command in my head just by thinking about it. I guess both of these albums are really resonating to me lately for some reason. For whatever reason I can't get into All (3/4 of the Descendents--just a different singer) and really like the Descendents better. I guess I just like Milo. Anyway, whatever. Being unemployed blows. Thankfully, I am in much better shape than some of my peer group and I start a consulting gig tomorrow. Still, the job market is pretty competitive out there. If anyone that happens across this blog wants to hire an MBA with a purchasing background in So Cal, let me know! Maybe being unemployed is why I've been finding an album that has an inherently negative title resonates so deeply...(probably not good, right?) To be fair most of these songs are love songs...and I'm getting married too, so maybe that's why they're resonating. I specifically like the songs Coffee Mug (It's liquid proof/That I can win this race) and Everything Sucks...which leads me to the wines I've been drinking.

Everything sucks (the song) made me think of this wine because it just wasn't very good. Thankfully, I didn't pay for it. $8.99 is too much for cheap California wine that's definitely got some residual sugar left over. Blech. Just horrible.   
This was $9.99 at Costco and was delicious. Really, what do you expect from Saint Cosme except consistently delicious wine? Buy it if you see it. 
 Grabbed this at Whole Foods because I got 20% of six bottles and then I had a $20 Amex it basically made it fairly cheap. I just bought cheap bottles. I think this was 12.49, and it's a kitchen sink blend. Well made California wine--good balance, ripe, but with enough acidity to balance it out. I liked this wine quite a bit. Missing some complexity, but I like where this is going. 
California Grenache. I believe 9.99. I didn't like this as much as the blend, but this was pretty good too for the price. Effectively, I paid about $7 for this with all the discounts, which was well worth it for the strawberry, grenache-y ness of it all. If you'd told me that this was France, I might have believed you, except that I think it was missing the more savory elements you get out of the Southern Rhone grenache based wines. 
Another Whole Foods joint. I think $15, with the discount, more like $10. Berries, chocolate, pepper. You can tell this is Syrah. Well made--delicious. I would purchase this wine again...except I'm unemployed. 

Got this for $7 at Costco. About what you'd expect for a 7$ Cotes du Rhone. Plan de Dieu is a village in the Rhone--it only became it's own designation in 2005--so it's pretty new. Worth picking up if you like the Rhone. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Gigondas Chateau Saint Cosme 2008

The folks at Wine Chateau were nice enough to provide this bottle to me as a sample. This wine is just a hair under $25. I'm a big fan of anything and everything Saint Cosme related--although I do think that the wines that come from their vineyards are cooler than the negociant wines. 2008 was a rough year in the Rhone, and apparently, this wine features the grapes from the Valbelle vineyard that would normally go into their own cuvee. 2008 wasn't up to snuff though, so Louis Barruol put them in this blend instead. Very savory, peppery, and umm...yeah Twizzlers. I guess that means strawberries or something. Anyway...there's some structure underneath all of the savory notes to round out the package. Not my favorite Saint Cosme, but certainly a solid, well-made wine.