Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Earthstone Chardonnay 2009

Who normally hates California Chardonnay? This guy. Who likes a $3.99 bottle of Chardonnay piled up on an endcap at Trader Joe's? Generally not this guy. I would normally say stay far the fuck away. But this is actually really good. Not too oaky. Lots of lush fruit, some barrel notes, good balance, a little voluptuous. Really, pretty goddamn good. Get it while it lasts. This is a Rodney Strong wine--nice job Rodney Strong and nice job Trader Joe's.
This was pretty awesome for $10 at LA Wine Company. Peppery, rustic, a little dusty. Delicious. Liked this better than the $40 white CdP from Domaine de Cristia. Perfect summer wine. 

And holy shit--how have I never listened to the Gaslight Anthem? What's wrong with me--they are insanely fucking good. Definitely worth checking out "Handwritten." Just a really great rock album.  

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