Monday, July 16, 2012

Donkey and Goat Mendocino Syrah 2007

This wine was provided as a sample by the guys at It was totally delicious syrah in a relatively cool style. Sold out now, but was around $40. A whole lot of blackberry and raspberry supported by a bit of pepper. This wine did come off as a little hard in terms of balance, but it was pretty good. Plus, the Donkey and Goat story is pretty cool--the people behind the winery went to train with Eric Texier in the Rhone...and yeah...this wine really tasted like the Rhone. 
Jon David Headrick is on of my favorite importers--this wine was totally delicious. Well balanced, with great acidity. Super clean too. Well worth a look. You can grab this at K&L. Around $15 I think. 
I was searching for wedding wines; this was $12 at Costco and I took a flyer on it. It was pretty good for $12, but not what I would call exciting. Fairly lush, but not over to the ridiculous side of things. 


jason said...

If you can swing $13 for the wedding definitely check out the Lesmos Crianza Rioja at K&L. In fact you should check it out either way...

Jeff said...

Thanks for the tip. Might be a bit much for the crowd there, but definitely something to consider as a "secret" option.