Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I've Been Drinking

Sadly, not as interesting as I had hoped. "Lecinquevigne" means the five vines in Italian (yes, I just new that), which means that this wine was a blend. Kind of makes sense since 04 was legendary. This wine wasn't that great. 25$--cheap for Barolo. Other wines I've had from Damilano have been more pleasing. 

The Gigondas was exotic and red curranty or something. The CdP was a CdP. Personally, I liked the 06 the best of the Clos St Michel's that I've recently. The 05 certainly had more grace and acidity than the 07. Drank these with Buddy, Bobby and Sarah with rack of lamb, a spinach salad, and risotto with bacon, butternut squash and sage. 

 Not as good as the 06, but better than the 07 I think.

 Chilean Cabs are at least a good value. Currants. 

From TJ's for 8$. Screw-cap. Amusing puns, right? Plus goats. A+ in my book. Actually pretty decent. Peppery and rich. Can you get better for 8$? Yeah, but that might be my rather anti-fruitbomb palate talking.  

First wine ever from Canada (although had quite a few wines from Upstate New York). Reminded me of Alsace. Delicious; just a touch of sweetness. Tropical. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Should Pinot Noir Taste Like Coca-Cola?

The answer is an emphatic "no!"Truth be told, this wine wasn't all that bad, especially for $9.99. However, it was tiring because it was so sweet, and it was also out of balance to my palate. I think it lacked enough acidity to really balance out all of the super sweet flavors. It had nice cherry, some "tea-ish" flavors, and an attractive licorice note on the back end, but I could not get over the fact that this wine is more or less Coke with alcohol in it. I think it's rather disappointing that this is what wine has come to. Is the average wine drinker really so enamored with that overly sweet sensation of lots of sugar and a child's palate that they have to consume wines like this? I guess it's just an extension of the reasons why American's are a bunch of fat gluttons. We (well, not me personally because I'm just holier than thou enough to not consume soft drinks, but collectively), seem to have a penchant for soft drinks. Isn't Pinot supposed to be about grace and elegance, along with more savory flavors? I guess not...Certainly, this wasn't bad for an everyday drinker, but I'd like to see some more variety Trader Joes. How about mixing it up with an interesting Loire wine? Yeah, I know they won't sell, but I think that there are lots of people just like me that are serious wine drinkers who sometimes purchase bottles from Trader Joes out of convenience but who wish that the wine selections were just a bit more grown up--and if you cater to us, we'll come, and we'll probably spend a whole lot more money on wine at your store. We are not all 16 year olds binging on stolen wine coolers and Schnapps hiding in the hinterlands of our parents liquor cabinets. On the rare occasion something is really good, I often will buy a dozen bottles of that particular wine Trader Joes. I know it's tough, but don't be so fucking lazy stocking wines like this. Regardless, I think the verdict is that even in the $10 and under Pinot Noir category, not all wines should taste like fucking Coca-Cola. Fuck you for being lazy Trader Joes. Grow a pair of balls and get some more interesting shit in there.

In other news, this Prosecco was solid for $12, and less sweet than the last Prosecco that I had. At Costco; worth a look for cheap sparkling wine. 

This Chianti was rustic, but for $5 at Trader Joes, not only did it taste like rustic Chianti, but it was actually pretty decent. Would it compare to a more "serious" Chianti? Of course not, but that would be closer to $20, and this had enough acidity to cut through tomato sauce. If I got this in a carafe somewhere in Italy for 5 Euro, I wouldn't be disappointed, and that's good enough for me. 

Lastly, this wine was kind of meh to me. At first, I though it might be Chardonnay because of the appley vaguely tropical fruit profile. Alas, it's actually Trebbiano and some other grapes. Whatever, just not particularly interesting and not that great. Didn't have the zing that I expect from Italian whites. I think this falls into the boat of relatively lazy wine-making. $12 at Costco.