Thursday, November 3, 2011

L'Oca Ciuca Brunello di Montalcino 2006

I received this wine as a sample from Wine Chateau. You can buy this wine there for $29.97 at the moment. I haven't had the chance to drink a whole lot of Brunello, probably for the dual reasons of high pricing and the need to let them sit in a cellar for several years. "L'oca ciuca" translates to "the goose's ass" in Italian. This wine was drinking fine, although it did take a while to come out of its shell. Licorice, plums, and some subtle spice notes in the background. There is good balance in this wine, and there are sneaky tannins on the back end. The question for me is whether this wine will get more interesting and complex as it ages, since we clearly drank it at a young age. Not as complex as I had expected, although it was an enjoyable bottle.  


Under the Influence said...

In Italian, 'l'oca ciuca" means "the drunken goose." No references to parts of the anatomy here!

Jeff said...

It appears you're right. I guess Google translate doesn't understand slang.

Under the Influence said...

That's why we don't let computers drink wine!