Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vintage Cellars

This is a sponsored post from Vintage Cellars. As everyone knows, a good cellar is a good thing to have. 

If you own a luxury car, like a Jaguar or Porsche, chances are you keep it locked and protected when not in use.  Most often, especially if you live in a place where the elements can wreak havoc on your vehicles, you keep your precious ride safe and secure inside a sturdy garage.  Not only does a garage offer shelter from storms, hail, and bird droppings, it also protects your car from the occasional ding caused by careless drivers using your driveway as a turnaround spot.

Just like your luxury vehicle, your wine collection needs protection, too!  Bottles stacked helter-skelter upon bottles throughout an unorganized, less-than-adequate storage basement--lacking proper wine storage racks--is an invitation to disaster. (When glass meets glass, it easily breaks!) What is more, a cellar that is not properly climate-controlled is similar to leaving your car outside in adverse conditions; if your cellar air is too dry, corks will crack, and there go your expensive investments!  If a cellar fluctuates between hot and cold erratically, this, too, can damage a wine’s cork, leading to ruined wine.

Thankfully, for collectors as serious about the preservation of their wine as luxury car drivers are about their rides, Vintage Cellars offers custom wine cellar design.  Even if you think your basement has a less-than-ideal shape, the craftsmen at Vintage Cellars are adept at making effective cellars in spaces of any shape and size.  They’ve even built a custom wine cellar on a yacht!  During the course of approximately two months, Vintage Cellars work with you to design a cellar that fits your specifications, and will even suggest appropriate temperature control devices and cooling units, such as Breezaire split systems, Wine Guardian ducted cooling systems, etc.  When the plans are finished, a professional contractor will install the racks, and ensure everything is up to code and ready to handle the volume and needs of your personal wine collection.

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