Monday, June 6, 2011 Costco?

In one of my more WTF moments of the last several weeks, I saw, of all things, a Chinon at Costco. Costco has had several wines from Couly-Dutheil in the past, so I guess this is no surprise. At 14$, it's a steal. I guess grab it while you can...or maybe wait until they discount it because it's Chinon, at Costco and not a California Cab? Couly Dutheil's "Baronnie Madeleine" Chinon 2008 is made from the most feminine barrels of wine and only in good years. This wine was pretty feminine and graceful, with a lot of berries. I guess my impression was that it was a touch modern, but it's pretty good and well worth a look. Costco's price is at least 3$ cheaper than K&L or anywhere else. 

Also at Costco worth a look is this Barbera from Dezzani. Also a touch modern, but with lots of acidic cherry based fruit. At $9.99, I've already had two bottles in the last week. A pretty damn good deal especially since it manages to avoid the chocolate milk shake aspects of the other Barbera that I've seen at Costco frequently, which is the Briccotondo. 

And although the Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 is sold out now, if you see it for $17 or $18 anywhere, it's well worth getting a bottle of. Just when I thought that it wasn't possible to like California wines, I've discovered Justin, which seems to do no wrong in my book. 

My last alcoholic epiphany of the last few weeks is that the cider style known as scrumpy? It's pretty fucking good. Awesome, in fact. And from Michigan of all places. Kind of expensive, at 7$ for 750mL, but worth a look at Whole Foods, just for something different. Like apple juice...but with alcohol in it. 


Cabfrancophile said...

Wonder if my Costcos will get the Chinon rouge. They have the Couly Dutheil Chinon Blanc now, which is a good sign.

The current Barbera selections are no good, unfortunately. The 2008 Chiarlo Barbera they have is a sad excuse for wine of place. You liked the 2007, and I've also has a Le Orme that was quite good in the past. But whatever batch they sent here is bad. I avoid the Bricocntondo as well since it's known to be a berry milkshake of a wine.

Jeff said...

At one point, I liked the Briccotondo okay. I guess Yates change? The Dezzani is fairly honest, even if it's a little modern. Not too much oak and lots of fruit.

The White Chinon is good but a but expensive for the quality at 18$.