Sunday, May 22, 2011

More random wines aka I am lazy.

Hmm growing tired of tasting notes. But it's still interesting to have a flash of recognition when you have a photo of a wine on hand. In that spirit, here are a couple of wines that I've had recently:

The Dunham Cellars above was pretty rad... I also realized that there are a lot of other wines that I have no pics there goes my fun. Also had a 2004 Mauro Veglio Barolo (drinking really well and getting more complex than the last bottle, La Spinetta Langhe Nebbiolo 2007 (lacking the complexity of Barolo, but drinking pretty well, if a bit modern and undefined in terms of structure), a Gruner from Costco that was a great deal for 13$, a middling Morgon from Trader Joes (in hindsight, maybe it wasn't all bad for only 6$), and my last bottle of 2007 Saint Cosme Sainte-Joseph which was really superb. 


Tricerapops said...

i'm continually impressed with your discipline in keeping notes, let alone putting them online - so if you're tiring of it, there's no hope for me. a Morgon at TJ's? wowzers!

Jeff said...

Yeah, well I'm finally breaking down. Between getting my MBA, work, and then managing to get run over by a car on my bike (which sucked ass), I've had kind of a busy last couple of months. I also think this format has mostly run its course for me. Originally, the intent was that I would sharpen my palate by doing this blog. I'm going to suggest that my palate is a well-honed blade or anything, but its significantly more attuned to stuff now as a result of this.