Monday, February 14, 2011

Domaine Coudoulis Lirac 2007

Grabbed this at Costco for $11. From Frank-Lin Importers, which I have been seeing pop up a lot lately. Lirac is another AOC in the Rhone, right next to Chateauneuf du Pape. I figured because this was a cheap 07, this would be a good bet for a fruit bomb. Definitely was. Ripe with med.-low acids and almost bordering on jammy. Toeing the line. Any more expensive, and I wouldn't be into this wine at all. Lots of ripe fruit on the nose--raspberry, blueberry, and currants, as well as some spice. Nice finish. Not bad for a fruit bomb, and worth a look if fruit bombs are your thing. B


Guillaume said...

Thank you for this comments
This wine have 93 pts in Wine & Spirits MAgazine of february.

Best regards

Guillaume PERRAUD

Jeff said...

Thanks for the note, Guillaume.

Just curious--would you say that this wine is representative of the normal style for a Lirac? Or is it more a reflection of the 07 vintage?