Friday, November 5, 2010

Steelhead Sauvignon Blanc Quivira 2008

I figured this wine was worth a shot for 7$ since Quivira's rose is awesome and their Zinfandel wasn't that bad either. I have to admit to not being all that schooled in California Sauvignon Blanc's. I tend to like crisp, acidic whites, and not lush, ripe, and oaky whites. Of course, the Dry Creek Valley is in Sonoma, which is a cooler climate than someplace like Napa, but it just seems incongruent for me to be growing Sauvignon Blanc next to Zinfandel. I'm probably crazy because I just don't know a lot about this shit; maybe someone can enlighten me about what types of weather Sauvignon Blanc grows best in. Regardless of my personal preferences, this wine is damn good for 7$. I recommend buying it if you see it at your local Trader Joe's. The nose is exotic; at first I was wondering what I was smelling...almost a little candied green apple, with something tropical...and then it hit me: figs. Along with the figs, there is an obvious grapefruit component, great balance of lush fruit and crisp acidity, and a long stony finish. There is no grass, cat-piss, or jalapeno type of elements to this wine, but I imagine that's more the California expression of Sauvignon Blanc. After all, remember why people have a tendency to hate Cab Franc? I would expect the same for white wines. Green flavors=bad for your average wine drinker. This is definitely worth picking up for 7$. A


Cabfrancophile said...

I need to look more into Dry Creek as well. I know they can grow massive Zins there, but the AVA also juts up against the cooler Russian River Valley AVA and the warm, elevated Rockpile AVA. Though maybe it is more appropriate to say RRV juts up to Dry Creek. I've had a very restrained, tobacco-heavy Cabernet Sauvignon from Dry Creek, so there must be some cooler pockets there.

Jeff said...

Yeah, this wine was interesting. But I bet there's a lot of stuff that I won't be into. I really like Quivira. I suppose it's no surprise given their philosophies and the balance of their wines.