Thursday, November 18, 2010

Serie Magno Malbec Fantelli 2007

Picked this up for 11$ at Costco. Figured that it might be good to break out of my wine drinking rut and have a Malbec. I guess the one thing that I can say about Malbec from South America is that it's a pretty consistent style of wine. Lots of fruit and barrel tones, and inexpensive. This particular wine is no different. I initially opened this wine on Tuesday. After taking a couple of sips, I was non-plussed. Tannic, and extremely oaky. I left it and returned to it last night. 24 hours had definitely made this more interesting. Blueberry, plum, and leather notes, along with a tannic structure. Fresh. Fruity. Drinkable. B


Cabfrancophile said...

So, what's the over/under on how long it will take for Malbec to become the new Shiraz? Seems like import numbers keep growing, like we'll reach a critical mass where fruity and oaky turns into syrupy and vanilla very soon. Already a couple years ago I was finding cola-like Malbec occasionally in the $10 range.

Jeff said...

Haha. Good question. I think that it has a ways to go yet. I don't think that you find as many jacked up high alcohol Malbecs as you did Aussie Shiraz...but who knows? This wine is refreshingly free of vanilla flavors...and I hope that Malbec doesn't go in that direction. I like the fleshy honest expression of the grape.

As an aside, I Googled this wine before posting it, because I wasn't sure what I should call it. Anyways, it got 87 points from WS. That just demonstrates how fucked up points are. This wine was delicious, well-made, and in the end, pretty good to drink once it had mellowed out. But if most people see an 87, they won't consider this wine.