Sunday, November 14, 2010

Juan Gil Monastrell 2008

This was 11$ at Costco. Imported by Jorge Ordonez. I've seen this wine constantly listed as a good value, but have never tried it. I'm just going to throw it out there that I do not think this wine is very good. Maybe it's the vintage ...or maybe it just isn't what I'm into. (Haha...maybe I'm trying to be diplomatic and fit in with my fellow wine-drinking human beings for once!) This is obviously Monastrell (otherwise known as Mouvedre). Very spicy nose, along with a lot of oak, cherries, and maybe a bit of blackberry. Chunky and rustic tannins back up cloying sweetness. Reminds me of Coke, or a huge Zinfandel. I don't know. Maybe this would go okay with BBQ or red meat or something if you're not picky. At least it's cheap. I suppose that you could do worse than this wine for 11$, but really, you could also do a whole lot better. D+/C-


Cabfrancophile said...

I have the same feeling about these southeast Spain Mourvedre wines. Usually they are a bit fat and goopy, though the spice and animal aromas are usually there.

Jeff said...

I like your description better than mine. Fat and goopy is pretty accurate. I do have a really hard time understanding why so many people think this wine is such a great deal though. Really? Just doesn't make sense to me.