Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oveja Negra Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah 2008

I received this wine as a sample. Should retail for about 12$. I wasn't going to open this up, but I opened up another bottle that was very reductive--and it wasn't even Pinotage. ( joke. Feel free to ignore if you're not some freak with Asperger's.) Anyways, I dumped that wine into a decanter because it still smelled like the Michelin Man after 45 minutes. We'll see if it's doing a little better tonight after 24 hours in a decanter. So this wine was just sitting there in its screw-cap, waiting to get drunk--I just didn't expect it to be with a roasted bronze chicken, some fingerlings, and some roasted broccoli. This wine was better than I expected. Critter-based labels aren't typically what I look for in a wine, even though I'm a bit of a black sheep myself. This wine is juicy, with currant, smoke, and plum aromas. Flavor wise, this leans in the blackberry direction, before a moderately tannic finish that has some pencil lead character. Not unbalanced and perhaps a bit on the simple side. You can definitely get some better, more interesting stuff out of Chile for about the same price. I'm thinking the Haras Cab that I had a few months ago, as well as Montes Alpha (despite Greg's experience with the Carmenere, I have had good experiences with their Cabernet). I couldn't find any pricing for this wine off the web, 11$ was the best I found. I bet that you can find it for less than the suggested retail of 12$. At around 8$ or 9$, this wine would actually be a pretty solid buy. It's got juicy fruit, just a hint of tannin, and it isn't spoofy. B-  


Cabfrancophile said...

Don't remind me about that Montes Carmenere. It was just so oaky in a clunky way it made me angry. Makes me wish I had gotten the Notas de Guarda. An oak bomb just tastes like crap--oak by itself doesn't work. A fruit bomb tastes pretty good, on the other hand.

Picked up another bottle of the Haras Cab, too. It has a certain character that's refreshing, even if there's a rubber factory component.

Jeff said...

You never post anything really negative, so I thought it must have been really bad. I liked that Haras too. Definitely interesting.