Thursday, September 23, 2010

Frederic Reverdy Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2009

This was 10$; I figured that for Costco to be carrying a Cotes du Rhone Blanc it was probably good. On the flip side, I suppose that it could have been crammed down their throat--in other words, if you want to buy say, Gaja Barbaresco (they have that at the Culver City one for 500$ish dollars), then you must buy this wine too. Costco is probably too big for people to play bullshit buying games like that with them, but still. It is a curious selection. So that must mean that someone there liked this wine. It's certainly cheap. I should note that the tasting note on the back is spot on; I'm basically copying it, even though I didn't read the back of the bottle until I formed my own opinion. Initially, extremely floral, with peachy hints. Reminds me of Gewurztraminer, actually. Lots of acidity, and a pronounced stone character, along with hints of citrus, before you get an incredibly bitter finish. I'm all over this wine, except for the finish--it's really bitter. As bitter as taking a bite out of a grapefruit pith. Sarah was not so much of a fan. I think that it's an interesting, well made wine, except for the extraordinarily bitter finish. We drank this with Cioppino. C+/B-


Cabfrancophile said...

Any idea what grapes are in the blend? The aromas suggest Viognier and perhaps Grenache Blanc. Bitterness sounds like maybe Roussanne, but all the Rhone whites in my experience seem more than capable of unleashing a real grapefruit skin bite.

Jeff said...

Yeah, it's 60% Grenache Blanc and 40% of something else that I can't remember...the bitterness was really surprising. Just like biting into the pith of a grapefruit (if you've ever done that before). Anyways, I haven't had a lot of Rhone whites. I'd love to try either the White CdP from Vieux Telegraphe or the White CdP from Beaucastel. They're both supposed to be pretty great. Of course, instead of being 10$, they're both almost 100$.

Cabfrancophile said...

This is one category where domestic wine I think is competitive with French. Viognier from Condrieu starts around $50. That's silly money for a wine that's best fresh, IMO. Cold Heaven has some very nice cool-climate Viognier running $20 to $30, maybe $35 (though their warm climate ones are blowsy and hot like most). The CdP Blanc-style blends also seem to run much lower than the Rhone counterparts. Tablas Esprit Blanc is somewhere around $30 or $35, IIRC. I just don't care for oxidation in my white wine, so I'm paying to drink a white fresh, within 2-3 years from vintage. Ageworthy prices on drink young wines just aren't my bag, even if other like to age their Roussanne.