Thursday, September 2, 2010

Anciano Tempranillo Bodegas Navalon 2004

This was 7$ at Costco. Frankly, it seemed too ridiculous for them to be carrying if it wasn't good. In addition to the weird mesh "cage" the bottle was encased in, it also sports the fact that the bottle was aged for 5 years, as if somehow, that wasn't at least mildly obvious by the vintage date. (I guess they're pointing out that it was aged in cask for five years, but still.) This bottle is from Valdepenas, in the center of Spain. Valdepenas as a region is primarily known for making reds that are blended with white grapes and doesn't make a ton of reserva wines (at least according to the Wine Encylopedia). So I guess this is a departure? I think it's the first time that I've had a Valdepenas. My bet was that this would be a "poor man's Rioja," and I was right. Initially lots of Indian spices on the nose and some dark fruit. The wine opens up to reveal lots sweet black cherries, good balance, and a long, bitter-pencil lead finish. Sure, maybe this is a simple, but it's also 7$. For 7$, this is a great deal, especially with the aged spicy nuances that come out. Aged characteristics are rare in 7$ wine. A-


Christine said...

Dad brought this same wine over last weekend. Coincidence? Or did you tip him off? Either way, we thought it was pretty good for what it was, too.

Jeff said...

Haha that's funny. I'm sure it's imported by one of the huge liquor conglomerates in some form or fashion. No, I didn't tip him off.