Monday, August 2, 2010

Berger Zweigelt 2009

Boy, watch out for liter bottles of wine, especially ones that taste good. For some reason, we always end up draining the entire bottle. Sarah and I just can't control ourselves when confronted with an extra third of a bottle sitting there all lonely and lightly chilled. To be fair to our livers, there isn't all that much difference draining a liter bottle of this delicious peppery juice and draining one 750mL bottle of some 15% monstrosity masquerading as wine. If you do the math and convert to "standardized drinks" (ie one 5oz serving of 12.5% wine, such as this Zweigelt deliciousness), there are 6 standardized drinks in the 15% 750mL bottle, and 6.72 in the full liter at 12.5%. Oh look, I've just justified being a lush (at least to myself). So I ask you, which would you rather consume? I think it's an obvious choice, at least for us.

There are other benefits to this wine as well, which was picked up at the LA Wine Company for $10.99 (in standardized bottle terms, for the math challenged, that's $8.25 a bottle), is selected by Thierry Thiese (a mark of quality if there ever was one, just like Jose Pastor and Kermit Lynch) and comes with a beer bottle cap (I like to think the cap is in place because of the European way of open containers in parks, or on the beach, or well, somewhere public, where it's nice to have an easy to open container. None of this Puritanical bull-shit that masquerades as "the law" in the US.). Particularly peppery, smokey and even a little meaty on the nose, with some cranberry and raspberry fruit lurking in the background. Did I mention the pepper? Lots of pepper in the mouth, and acidity that is a perfect foil for sausages, cheese, and pasta with eggplant and onions. The finish is short, but this is really more about having something cheap, delicious, and refreshing to drink on the table a la Beaujolais, rose, or Gruner Veltliner (we've had the Gruner from this producer too; it's also worth checking out). A- for sheer value.


Tricerapops said...

have had a couple of zweigelts over the summer, but none from TT's portfolio. i'll definitely have to grab this one.

agreed on how easy these drink - slammable!

Jeff said...

All the "summer" reds are too easy to drink. And that's a problem when you live and work in the US. We just don't have the requisite laissez-faire attitudes about work and life that the Europeans have...we're all boring and shit. In bed all early, off to work all early. Blech.