Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beckman Vineyards Grenache Rose 2009

Picked this one up at the LA Wine Company for 15$. I don't care what anyone says about it not being a terribly nice summer here in LA--I fucking love it. It's perfect--by the beach, the highs are about 70--just about right. When it's sweltering hot (lets say anything above 85 degrees), and you don't have AC...well, let's just say that there's a reason that I would prefer to be too cold as opposed to too hot any day of the week. It's so much easier to just put on another layer of clothing. Anyways, it's still summery here, and I have been feeling like drinking lots of rose and white wines. There's lots of summery produce (eggplants, peaches, peppers, squash, tomatoes), and summery stuff going on (yesterday we saw Weezer for free at the Huntington Beach Surf Festival), even if this year we aren't living in an inferno.

This particular wine is pretty good, but I think 15$ is too much for rose. This particular wine has watermelon/strawberry jolly rancher fruit, but is juicy with crisp acidity and a mineral driven finish. The fruit has California written all over it--this wine is much more fruit-forward than any of the other roses we've consumed this summer. Just a tad pricey at 15$. Why so expensive California? It makes me sad... B


CabFrancoPhile said...

100% with you on this one. I tasted this at a local shop a month or two ago--fruit forward, good freshness. The freshness surprised because when I tasted at Beckmen maybe 2 years ago all their wine seemed soft, sweet and flabby. I'm not too put off by the price as in the rose tasting it fared well against Le Domaniers from Provence and Trinquevedel from Tavel. Different styles, obviously, but also running closer to $20, IIRC. Some of the cheaper roses around $10 seemed a bit dilute/watery (as opposed to minerally/austere). The concentration, I think, made the difference for me.

On the subject of Beckmen, I had a glass of their Cuvee Le Bec Friday. I think it comes in around $15-$20. Not quite a great QPR, but getting closer to a good price for a table wine. Lots of smokey blueberry making me think warm climate Syrah, but apparently it's mostly Grenache. Native yeast ferment and 15% new oak. Not bad at all, though definitely in the bold, intense style.

Joshiemac said...

Tried a great rose last night from Cascina Ca'Rossa. It was my first rose made from nebbiolo and I loved it. Had some floral notes typical of the varietal (and some strawberry typical to roses) but the mid-palate had this interesting mineral thing going on that was slightly reminiscent of an etna rosso or a loire gamay. All in all an interesting and fun wine--so fun I felt like drinking the whole bottle. It was incredibly food friendly-- paired well with swordfish-stuffed manicotti served with sauce made with fresh san marzanos from farmers market.

I'm more of a fall/winter guy, but it sure is easy to eat (and drink) well in the summer.

Jeff said...

I see Beckman in a lot of places...might try something from them again if the opportunity presents itself to get more a sense of their style. Good to know about the Cuvee Le Bec. Just for what it's worth, the best California rose that I've ever had was from Quivera...but I haven't seen it anywhere except by the glass at Lou. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough? I would like to drink a whole bottle of it.

Nebbiolo rose sounds really interesting! Where'd you pick that up, anyways? I would like to try it. And yeah, I'm a fall/winter guy too (must have something to do with growing up in Seattle...), but I totally dig the "mild" summer. It's so nice and temperate.

Joshiemac said...

A guy at my local bottle shop (Jackson's in Lafayette) turned me onto it--I had never seen or heard of it before he offered it as a suggestion.