Monday, July 12, 2010

Dinner 7/10/2010

Didn't take any pictures--I really should have since I can't remember the name of the 1990 Vouvray that we had. I forgot my phone, but then figured, "fuck it," I don't want to be a bore taking pictures and being distracted--so I just left it at my house. I went over to our landlords place for dinner. Kathleen, our neighbor from across the street, was there, as were her parents. Good company. Kathleen's Mom was the maker of an amazing Key Lime Pie that we had with the 1990 Vouvray. In addition to the pie, we had some fried goat cheese with beets and a mustard vinaigrette, and ancho chili rubbed quail with foie gras sauce that came from the Boulevard cookbook (great restaurant in SF if you get a chance to go there). To start, we had a bottle of 2002 Cristal that Kathleen brought over. The first time that I've had Cristal--if you're not aware, that shit is expensive--around 200$ a bottle. It was pretty great--elegant, balanced, nutty, and a very long citrusy finish. Would I have paid 200$ for it? Probably not. Good, but not that good. I would rather have had 6 bottles of the NV Duval-Leroy that we had next. Next to the Cristal, it was obviously not as good, but it was still good. It was just more heavy handed, and for sure, no where near as elegant and well made. On the flip side, it was probably about 35$. So you could have 6 bottles of it for the one bottle of Cristal. If someone else is paying--Cristal would be my choice. If it's me paying, I'm sticking with the Duval-Leroy. Had a couple of interesting reds: a 2006 Mogor-Badan (Merlot Cabernet blend) from Baja (yes, that makes it Mexican wine, a first for me), a 2006 Sonoma County Rafanelli Cabernet, and I brought over a bottle of Vallardo from Portugal. The Mogor was interesting--definitely had a lot of cool climate characteristics, which was surprising. I was expecting a raisin-y mess. Kathleen thought it tasted a lot like orange peel, and she was spot on. It was an okay wine. Nothing to write home about though. Rafanelli is a small winery and is fairly famous for their Zinfandel. They also make a merlot that apparently you have to ask for? An interesting wine, with lots of currants, herbs (sage and mint), olives, and a decent sized serving of oak. Very unique, but reminded me a lot of Provenance--very savory. Then we had pie and the 1990 Vouvray--which was all mushrooms and apricots, with impeccable poise. It had a small amount of residual sugar...I think. It was 12%. It was the only wine that I had more than a glass of. For sure the wine of the night. Lastly, as a small night cap, I had some Stranahan's Snowflake Colorado Whiskey. Very interesting--a lot of brown sugar notes, plus it's from Colorado. A fun night. 

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Once again, I wish I lived in your neighborhood!