Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quinto do Vallardo Douro 2007

Picked this up at K&L for 20$. Then I saw it at Costco for 15$, so I picked up another bottle of it. I figure if K&L and Costco are overlapping on something, it's probably a pretty good bet. Then I saw that this was the wine of the week in the LA Times. I'm not really a fan of Irene Virbila (personally, I find her to be picky and ridiculous...actually, no I think the right way to describe her is "too LA" for my tastes. She's certainly no Sam Sifton, Frank Bruni, or Ruth Reichl...although Ruth Reichl held the same job at one point.), but I have had a few of her wine selections and been into or fairly pleased with them. Wine Spectator gave this a 93...and although I certainly didn't buy the wine because of that, I'm sure that it's part of the allure for Costco and the status-conscious LA Times in particular. 93 points for 15$!!! OMFG!!! Anyways, there seem to be a lot of people that are into this wine. 

I haven't had a lot of Portugese wine, but the ones that I've had have been interesting. The main thing that I've found interesting about the Portugese reds that I've had is how similar they taste to Port--which really shouldn't be surprising--but for some reason is. This wine has a similar thing going on, in that it's got lots of almost dried cherry fruit and spices. Nuanced and detailed, with great balance and a whole lot of grip, before leading into a savory earthy/herbal finish. Glad that I have another bottle of this wine. At 15$ or 20$, it's definitely something worth drinking. The only thing that I didn't like with this wine is that it seemed to be lacking a little bit in the complexity department, meaning that it came off a little bit one-dimensional, but one-dimensional in the sense that it seemed to be hiding a substantial amount of its' character. I would imagine with some more bottle age, this wine will get more compelling. Sarah liked this wine a lot. A-


CabFrancoPhile said...

Man, Jeff, great timing! I was eyeballing this at Costco the other day with my GF, but opted to place it in the 'further research' category. Here's my further research! The 93 WS worried me a bit, but if you enjoyed it, then for $15 it's worth a shot. The port varieties intrigue me as well. I tried one of these blends before but it was pretty generic. This sounds like it has some depth of character even if it is monolithic.

Jeff said...

It's better than I thought it would be...for 15$ it's pretty great. Most WS 93 wines scare me too...normally oak-juice. This is a different beast. For what it's worth Mirabelle was a 93 WS too. I'm developing a theory about WS, and WS rated wines... Basically, I think that the 87-93 range are the most balanced, because they haven't gone whole-hog with the oak in every case...but anything more point wise starts to taste like a lumber yard...More or less, these are the wines that are "good," but don't make the critics go ape-shit.