Monday, June 7, 2010

Justin "Justification" Paso Robles 2007

I'm not normally a big California wine consumer...however, I'd heard really good things about both the Isosceles (Cab Blend) and the Justification. I figured that I might as well pick up a bottle of this at Costco and try it out--even though 34$ (at Costco...recession wine too...there's no way in hell they would have had this two years ago) is what I consider to be getting up there in price. Justification is a Cheval Blanc style blend (I'm guessing anyways...) that is 65% Cabernet Franc and 35% Merlot. 14.5% alcohol It's no secret that I love Cabernet Franc, but this wine represents the stylistic Yang to the Yin of Chinon. Instead of having slightly herbaceous flavors and being lighter as opposed to darker, this wine is big and rich. I have to say, I was floored by this wine, and Sarah liked it a lot too. When people say they are into California wine, I can only hope they're talking about wines like this. It's a deft combination of power, grace, and ripe fruit. It's paradoxical--huge monster red fruit flavors ranging from cherry to raspberry and beyond, but also balance and acidity that supports it all. And then all of the more savory almost herbal, tobacco-ish flavors come in. I realize that this wine is fairly expensive, but it's cheap compared to what I imagine the equivalent must be out of any other Cab Franc based Bordeaux blend, and cheap compared to the most of California. It's also a great pairing for a grass fed rib-eye. And boy does it deliver. I'm definitely going to get another bottle of this while I still can. A


CabFrancoPhile said...

Wow, wonder if any of this fell off the Costco wine truck here on the way to LA from Paso? 2007 was a great year for Paso--good freshness to the forward fruit. Glanced at the stats on the wine and the TA of 6.6 g/L and pH of 3.66 match up with the good acidity picture.

Anyway, this is exactly the sort of thing I look for in CA wine, though it's likely most vintages don't give the sort of balance 2007 did for this style of wine.

Jeff said...

So you're telling me that all of my stereotypes about California wine are true and this was just a great vintage? That's too bad. I was floored by this wine, even though I think it was a bit pricey. It was really good...or to borrow a phrase from Parker "hedonistic." This is exactly why people go after California wines--they have one wine like this, and then they end up searching, and searching and searching until they can repeat the experience. Mostly they fail, which is sad. But when they don't, they really hit it out of the park.

CabFrancoPhile said...

When I was in Paso last year, the '06s were generally boozy and flabby, while the '07s I encountered were fresh and structured. And both were considered cooler years. Justin is one of best producers in Paso, though, so maybe they get more consistency than most.