Friday, May 21, 2010

San Francesco Ciro Rosso 2007

I picked this wine up for 13$ at K&L. From Calabria--further South in Italy than Naples--basically the toe of Italy. 100% Gaglioppo. Gaglioppo is another weird indigenous grape that I am so enamored with. There doesn't seem to be much information about it available.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect opening this wine; I vaguely remember Steve at K&L telling me something about it...but I can't quite remember. Oh well. This is what makes buying random things're never quite sure what to expect. Initially super tannic, but opened up quickly. I have to say, this wine reminded me of a youngish Chianti Classico because of the almost dried cherry flavors and acidity. If you had served this to me blind, that's what I would have guessed. There are also some spicy, earthy elements that show up in the nose, and for a brief instant, I thought that I smelled some incredibly ripe raspberry. An interesting, fruity wine that's a good food wine, and relatively cheap at 13$. When you can get wines like this for less than you can pick up your typical "branded" California Cab or Chardonnay, why on earth would you even bother with those? Not only is this better wine, but it's more interesting to drink. B/B+


Joshiemac said...

I enjoyed this wine. Thought it had a nice rustic thing going and was fairly complex for the price. I remember bringing it to my buddy's house to watch a college football game. Everyone there loved it, and none of them are into wine per se. So it has broad appeal.

Another southern Italian wine I enjoyed from K&L is the Fujanera Arrocco.

I'm hoping to see both of these wines in their clearance section later this year.

Tricerapops said...

i haven't checked in awhile, but K&L might be out of this wine now. in any case, i agree with comments above - great wine and QPR. definitely some rustic notes, which makes it interesting.