Friday, April 16, 2010

Perrin & Fils "Peyre Blanche" Cairanne 2007

I've been a fan of Perrin and Fils for quite a while now; I haven't really ever gotten a bottle from them that I thought was bad. The last one we had was pretty bretty, but all told, there have been a lot of awesome, good value bottles that we've had out of their portfolio. (Although they must have some holes, as The Cab Franco Files notes...) In any event, this wine is widely available in Costco in Southern California for 17$ or 18$ right now, and is from the much heralded 2007 Southern Rhone vintage. A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre. Initially on popping the cork, this one is all fruit. Eventually, you get lots of kirsch, blackberry, and anise, along with some earthy hints. Not a ton of acidity; this wine comes off as ripe and soft before devolving into an earthy finish with hints of raspberry. Day two, it's a hell of a lot more figgy, inexplicably gained a bit of an edge, and surprisingly to me, I think it's really come into it's own (despite the fact that I panned this wine to myself day 1). It's a lot smoother and silky than most Cotes du Rhones that I've had. However, it certainly isn't the best embodiment of what I really like in a Cotes du Rhone. Just as an exercise in "for instance," I think this wine lacks a lot of the rustic, savory crackle of pepper, garrique, and acidity that I so adore in my idea of a good Cotes du Rhone. This wine is a lot more polished than that. Maybe it's 07, maybe it's the fact that this is a Cairanne and not a regular Cotes du Rhone Villages, or maybe it's something else, but I am not as into this wine as I thought I would be. If your idea of awesome is low-acid high pointed wines, I think this might be up your alley. It would be worth giving this wine a while to open too--on day one, I completely panned this wine, but on day two, after pouring a glass, it was clear that this wine picked up a lot of steam and came into its' own. Still, this wine isn't as much my liking as it could be.  As an aside, Wine Spectator gave it a "91," and suggests that it needs some short-term cellaring to come together--which would completely support how much better this wine became on day two.  B+


Oswaldo said...

I'm drinking this wine right now. Your review is spot-on. I'm also watching The Other Boleyn Girl right now too, bu that has nothing to do with your review

Jeff said...

Glad you think so. Certainly a pretty good wine, although there are certainly things that I find a whole lot more alluring. Like Scarlett Johnassen and Natalie Portman. Haha.