Monday, April 12, 2010

"Les Charmeuses" Morgon Louis Tete 2009

After all the Italian wines that we drank recently (and really, more often than not, whatever they had in a carafe), I was kind of thirsty for something that was, well, not Italian. Italian wines were my first fascination as a serious wine nerd, and I still really dig them (especially indigenous varietals), but I have certainly gravitated more towards France. I think France as a general rule is a little bit more polished, and less rustic at the same price point as Italy. That's just my observation. I sure that other people feel differently (I've certainly had my fair share of rustic French wine too), but France always seems to have a little more grace, a little less of the razor-sharp acidity, and a little more balance. I'd also like to note that this is a blatant, silly generalization on my part because both the French and the Italians have their own wine culture and traditions that have existed forever, and there are a multitude of exceptions. As such, making sweeping statements about France and Italy as they pertain to each other is a stupid exercise, since at a certain point, it becomes asinine to compare them at all. Nevertheless, I needed something that was not Italian to drink.

I happened upon this Morgon at Costco for 11$, and figured that I had to give it a try. I don't drink much Beaujolais--I think one terrible banana-esque bottle of Georges Dubouef was enough for me--but I have had several Cru Beaujolais, like Morgon, in the last few years that I liked. The one that every one seems to talk about is Marcel Lapierre, imported by Kermit Lynch. The 05 version of that wine was fantastic; I enjoyed it, like seemingly everyone else. I don't know much about Beaujolais...but that's never stopped me from making sweeping judgments before. The wine went great with dinner--a tomato based chard soup, topped with a fried egg, toasted bread, and pecorino. An earthy, delicate berry-cherry nose, nice freshness, and a graceful frame to support the earthy finish, make this a great cheap alternative to Pinot next time you need a lighter bodied red to go with something. A steal at 11$ I think. A-    


Tricerapops said...

i've said this before - your Costco definitely has a better selection than mine here in Hollywood/Los Feliz (even Burbank). bummer (for me). i'm interested in LaPierre's MMVII - reviewed by Lyle over at Rockss and Fruit -

Jeff said...

Yes, would be interesting to try the MMVII. I read that post too.

Yeah, it must. The Costco's have a varying selection. You know what's funny about the Costco that I go to most often though? It's really in the hood. It's in Hawthorne...yeah they get all the people from Hermosa and Manhattan Beach, but still, there is a different element to the place that I would imagine leads them to not sell as much wine. It's a very strange demographic mix at the location I would imagine. The Culver City one has the bet wine selection I've seen out of Seattle, and it's a lot more homogeneous demographically.