Monday, March 22, 2010

Santa Helena Notas de Guarda Carmenère 2008

Picked this up at Costco for 20$. Sarah and I popped this with our friends Dave and Emily, who are down in LA for the week rather unexpectedly. Dave's in law school (which I think means he's a little busier than us), and they're staying in Santa Barbara for spring break. We stayed up later than we have in a long while...2:30AM is late, because we are old farts. Anyways, drank this with some cheese leftover from when Sarah's parents were here. Lot's of berries, along with minty, chocolately notes. This is a total fruit bomb, but it's delicious. It has just enough acidity to balance out the gigantic, silky, frame. I like the minty green notes. B+

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CabFrancoPhile said...

Nice, the descriptors on the shelf talker when I saw this in Costco were spot on it seems. They were all about chocolate and jam, which you confirmed.

I'm all over the green edge to Carmenere as well. Seems like one of the few high fruit, low acid new world wines that pulls it off well. I do wish it could be made in a less in your face style, but apparently it takes pretty high sugar ripeness to balance the green. I've read they often add tartaric acid to Carm because it's easier to fix low acid than high pyrazine.

That's why there's Loire Franc. Lots of green, not so massive.