Monday, March 15, 2010

Perrin & Fils "Les Sinards" Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2005

Can't remember how much this was--I think around 25$ or so--as it's been sitting in my cellar for about 2 years. Anyways, apparently this wine uses some of the young vines from Beaucastel and then blends them with some other parcels. Mainly Grenache, but there are some other grapes in here as well. Initially on opening, lots of olive. Then there are glimmers of lavender, mint, cherry, vanilla, cassis, earth and a dozen other things. Nicely balanced, with a very nice finish. Sarah is not too big a fan of this wine--way too bretty for her taste. In her words, "It smells like...poop!" Not too surprising from what I hear about Beaucastel, I guess. Just Google "Beaucastel Brett," and you'll get a whole bunch of shit (haha) that comes up. Anyways, I didn't find this to be as bretty as she did, although women do tend to have more sensitive noses than men...or so I hear. I still liked this wine, although not nearly as much as I thought I would. After the initial bout of olive-ness (it was extremely Kalamatish), it wasn't nearly as interesting or enticing as I thought it would be, although the flavors kept shifting and developing, never really settling on any one particular spectrum for too long. B/B+

Lastly, I'd like to extend a big, hearty, "fuck you" to the Redondo Beach police department. You know that a city really doesn't have anything better to be doing when they ticket a bicycle for rolling through an intersection at a low speed (ie under 5 mph). Give me a break. How can ticketing a bicyclist be the number one priority for law enforcement on a Saturday morning? Must be nice to live in such a safe city. However, I'd like to point out that the bike path is overrun by inattentive pedestrians and their inattentive children, but you aren't ticketing them--because apparently it's LA County jurisdiction and not Redondo Beach. It's perhaps amusingly ironic that the beach-adjacent bike path in Redondo Beach is an area where the Redondo Beach police won't ticket pedestrians using said clearly marked "bike path" for walking purposes, creating a dangerous situation for bikers (as well as pedestrians), and forcing them onto the more public streets. Why is it that bike riders are essentially second class citizens? The area where we are SUPPOSED to ride is overun with inattentive pedestrians, and the areas where we end up riding because of said law-breaking scofflaw pedestrians, are inhabited by inattentive drivers. And then of course, we get the ticket? WTF? Seriously? There were no cars, or pedestrians for that matter, coming (and I happen to have a clear, unobstructed view of the intersection). Becuase it was 10 AM in a residential area on Saturday. For crying out loud, cars are a more imminent danger to the general populace than a bicycle in a residential area. I'll be fighting this ticket, which amusingly, will end up decreasing the amount of revenue that you generate by giving out ticky-tack bullshit tickets to bike riders. Come on Redondo Beach, grow up and stop being such a pathetic city.


Tricerapops said...

fuck yeah buddy! that does suck about the ticket though. my experience is that beach communities have the worst PDs (i.e., ticket happy).

how much brett can you tolerate? i had a Bourgueil one time that ranked, but i didn't mind it much (but i think i was at my limit).

Jeff said...

I can tolerate a fair amount of Brett. For me, I view more as something sort of interesting in the wine, even though it's a flaw. Sarah clearly thought this wine was flawed. Me, not so much.

You know, I've never had any issues with Beach City cops before...I'm presuming because they have better stuff to do most of the time? It's the beach, and the beach definitely attracts it's fair share of stuff like parties, drinking, etc. Anyways, WTF, Redondo should focus on what a 10k pound car is doing speeding down Esplanade instead of the bike rider riding in a residential area. Because cyclists are obviously a malicious threat to your city.

CabFrancoPhile said...

My views on Brett are evolving. If a wine has acquired a sour ale (like Flanders red) like flavor with strong barnyard aromas, it usually ends up being pretty monolithic, albeit it good. Kind of like a fruit bomb, but a Brett bomb. Then there are cases where the acid and weird medicinal and band-aid aromas run amok. I guess I still have a pretty high tolerance, though, as it takes seriously off flavors in addition to the aromas to deter me.

sam klingberg said...

I had an Australian blend last week that reeked of Brett, plus the wine sucked. It's funny, though, how flaws can be a part of making a wine interesting.

Jamie Goode mentioned Beaucastel in his article on Brett, one of my fav websites, actually.