Monday, March 22, 2010

Couly-Dutheil Les Chanteaux Chinon 2008

I like Couly-Dutheil--the Clos d' Le Echo we had a few years ago was awesome. I picked up this wine for 18$ at Costco. I was seriously surprised to see anything from the Loire at Costco. Occasionally, you'll see a Sancerre, or a Pouilly-Fuisse. But other than that, it's kind of a rare occurrence, and this is a wine that most people would find a bit on the weird side--100% Chenin Blanc. Dry (as opposed to a lot of the styles of Chenin Blanc that have some residual sugar left), with floral, chalky/minerally, and pineapple. Rich, but with good acidity, a slightly waxy texture, and a nice finish. For me, this wine is interesting in that it combines some of the elements that you normally see in both more austere white wines, such as Sancerre (stony, mineral, chalky feel), and the elements that you more often see in extremely ripe new world whites--think California Chardonnay (like pineapple and other tropical fruit). Dave and Emily both seemed to like this wine; so did I. B+ 

I think I must be getting slightly jaded about wine--nothing that I've had recently has really blown me away in unequivocal terms. Had lot's of wines that are good...but nothing recently that's really rung my bell in a serious way since the Vieux Telegraphe in January and the Launois Blanc de Blanc. I think in some ways, that's the terrible thing about learning about something--eventually, you end up comparing it to past experiences that can't be created and are romanticized to a certain degree. You also realize that what might have been fascinating or great in the past maybe isn't as good as you thought it was because something else knocks it off its' pedestal.

I took this picture at the Getty yesterday with Dave and Emily. There was shit traffic (and I almost killed us twice in terrible marathon traffic--sorry guys--I am a crappy, aggressive driver), but hanging at the Getty was totally worth it. I love the view. One other interesting thing is that there's a really long, skinny (like 18" wide) wall off to the right of this photo that extends out over a big drop--probably 20-30 feet to the ground. All the travertine is slippery. And there were three teenagers that decided to walk out on the wall. I was shocked for two reasons: 1. No one stopped them (how European of the Getty!)! 2. They walked out there at all. I would have been a bit scared of falling of to my death below. Anyways, I think they probably got a pretty good photo out of the experience. A fun day, despite the crazy traffic and terrible driving on my part...Sarah and I are excited to leave LA and go to Rome for a couple of weeks though. We leave on Wednesday.  


CabFrancoPhile said...

Did this have a synthetic cork? I had an '08 version of this cuvee that had a fake cork. Anyway, it was awesomely lychee-tastic, but I'd think the fake cork might not help it to hold up well. Plus the dry fruit-forward profile seems best young. If you can find the '08, it might be an interesting comparison. It was a "wow" wine for me.

Definitely agree on the shifting bar with experience. I'm trying just to enjoy the moment and compare less (not blogging helps in this respect). I am finding it easier to appreciate all styles. I like some styles more than others, but technically good wine is more apparent to me now.

Jeff said...

Yeah. This is the same wine that you had. Lychee is a good description. I could definitely get that out of it now that I think about it. I cut and pasted the title from another website...looks like it says 06. Oops.

CabFrancoPhile said...

Yeah, it was the same smell/flavors as dried lychees I sometimes find at TJ's. I'm not usually committed to one fruit as a descriptor, but this one was lychee for me.

I'll have to look for this at my Costco since it was the '08. My GF really liked it, and it was something I'd only bought as a single bottle in a web order. I'll buy a bunch if I see them locally.

CabFrancoPhile said...

Nice, just found it at my local costco! Not often they have anything interesting, though I suppose the fruit-forward style plays into their demographic.

Jeff said...

They still have it at mine too...I don't think it's exactly flying off the shelf. I've noticed that about some of the wines that they stock. They seem to stick around for a LONG time.