Friday, December 25, 2009

Pacific Rim Riesling Columbia Valley 2008

This was a present. Lots of pear, stone, jasmine and other floral notes. Off-dry at 10.5% Sweet, but with good acidity. A little cloying, I think. Didn't like this as much as the Kung Fu girl from Charles Smith, which had a lot more snap to it. Regardless, it went well with a whole bunch of stuff--cheese, salame, smoked salmon. Made from all organic grapes, which is, I guess, somewhat dubious? If it's labeled Organic that means they're going after a marketing angle to a certain degree...but whatever. This was a nice complement to lots of stuff. B


thebrokewino said...

I tried the "sweet riesling" from them once, I was underwhelmed, though I hear a lot of good things about them from other people.

Jeff said...

Yeah, it was okay. I liked the Charles Smith better, but it was pretty tasty. It's funny, because a lot of the wine choices today were not my decision, and I noticed a distinctive "ripe cola" character, which really runs acorss the entire gamut. It's not bad neccessarily, but it definitely isn't what I've become accustomed to drinking, since I generally go for fairly high acid wines.