Friday, November 6, 2009

2007 Passopisciaro Sicily IGT (Franchetti)

Some more random ramblings:

1.The CabFrancoPhile made mention of the "Blog Wilderness." What an apt phrase. Got me thinking: Who the fuck reads this thing anyways? (Disclaimer: I don't really care if people are reading it or not, it's just a virtual place for me to collect my thoughts.) Anyways, if you read this site regularly, and have never left a comment, please leave me one. I'm just curious to know how you found me in the depths of the "blog wilderness." I'm guessing it was Google, but hell, maybe some other reason? I'm as elusive as a Sasquatch, so it must have taken some looking. 
2. W Blake Gray has a hilarious post where he goes after Wine Spectator and they respond. To be fair, it is a fairly inflammatory headline--Wine Spectator Manages to Screw Up Pairing Wine With Steak, but the response from the Wine Spectator is pretty funny. W. Blake Gray skewers Thomas Matthews. Just for what it's worth, the sentiments expressed in the article are why I canceled my Wine Spectator subscription. Plus, I couldn't stand Sam Gugino's column. He came off sounding prissy and snobbish. Wine and food are supposed to be fun. I think he forgot that and instead became neurotic. I've already wasted too much time talking about Wine Spectator, but W. Blake Grey's conversation with Wine Spectator is worth a read--damn funny. And out here in the blog wilderness, you need something to keep you busy. Sometimes the sounds of the frogs and the crickets get to you and overwhelm you.
3. Superpoop. If you haven't read this site before, you should check it out. It's geek humor, but it's really funny. Anyways, I like this particular comic. Yeah, Wal-Mart sells shotguns. Crazy.
4. Passopisciaro is perhaps that most annoying wine name I have ever had to spell. It's a mouth-full. This wine hails from Franchetti, who is quite the character... It's worth it to read this article by Jancis Robinson about him. He owns the Tenuta di Trinoro estate in Tuscany, and has since moved South.

Passpisciaro is from the province of Catania, which is part of Sicily--specifically Mount Etna. This is the second wine that I have had recently from Mount Etna that has been spectacular.100% Nerello Mascalese (or at least the 06 was), which is indigenous to Sicily. Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio both grow in the sandy, volcanic soils that surround Mount Etna. For this particular wine, the vines are located at about 3,000 feet of elevation, and were planted in 2001. I normally don't talk too much about color, becuase I just don't see how it has all that much relevance for most practical purposes, but I did notice when I first poured some of this in the glass that it was rather light in color--almost Pinot Noirish. (Comparing Nerello Mascalese to Pinot is not that far off base. The San Francisco Chronicle and others have called it "Pinot Noir's new alternative.") Immediately, you can tell this is a well made wine just by smelling it. Lots of complexity. Spices, cherries, flowers (roses, according to Sarah, which makes sense since the other grape NM is compared to is Nebbiolo), herbs, earth, berries. All shifty. All changing and evolving. In the process of shifting, this wine goes from rather light-bodied to intense and weighty, as the fruit takes hold. I took three hours drinking my portion of this bottle of wine--just smelling it over and over again because it was so interesting. In the beginning, it's actually sort of a mess--there's a lot of stuff fighting for your attention. It really takes a couple of hours of breathing to come together. But once it does, the cherry, herb, and earth complex take you for a ride. There are particular flavors of cherry and herbs that come across the mid-palate, and a lingering finish. There is just a hint of creaminess to the texture of the wine (probably from New Oak), but the wine never comes across as oaky--just well balanced and delicious. At 30$, this isn't cheap in my book, but it's definitely worth a splurge to check out a new and different Italian grape. B+/A-


Stephen said...

"Who the fuck reads this thing anyways?"

Err ... I guess that'd be me for one. I found your blog a while back searching for a moderately obscure wine (the name escapes me). I liked what you wrote about it, then liked the style of your other selections.

We keep a bottle or two of the Perrin Cotes du Rhone and the Now & Zen as house wines, both based on your initial recommendation. I've also picked up a few CDP reds on account of your influence.

As for wine writing, I regularly read your blog, Jason's blog, and Kermit Lynch's flyer.

So, by way of thanks and since you asked,

-an unrepentant lurker in from the wilderness.

Jeff said...

Awesome dude. Glad to hear that you liked those wines. I dig them and they are cheap. Love Kermit Lynch. There is no substitute for good taste. It's weird because I get about 100 hits a day or something like that, but no one ever comments, and I wonder who everyone is. I know it's not all my Mom, you know?

CabFrancoPhile said...

I like what this Franchetti fellow is up to. Bdx blends with lots of CF and PV in Tuscany and Nerello on Mt. Etna. Yum.

Jeff said...

Yeah, I think this one is worth checking out. Interesting and different, but it has a new world edge. Whatever though. It was really good. One of those wines that has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

jason said...

Not sure how I found you or if you found me but obviously we are drinking paths are crossing frequently!

Jeff said...

Jason, yeah you're right. Our paths do cross a lot, don't they...