Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2007 Domaine Roland Schmitt Riesling Glintzberg

I'm in a mood tonight...a few random thoughts:

1. I read on another site that wine bloggers should use press photos if they can't take a good photo. Umm. Really? Who cares. Most of us do this because we're nerds and we like wine. We aren't into photography (at least I'm not), so fuck off. I don't have time for light boxes. Plus, I like my pictures. I kind of think they have character--they always have random stuff in the background, although more often than not, they show my surfboards and crap on my kitchen counter. Character is more important than technical proficiency anyways.
2. Risotto. Why don't more people make risotto? It isn't that hard (despite what people say), and it's great. Very versatile. People take it too seriously. You don't really have to constantly stir. That's bullshit--I'm no Thomas Keller, but my risotto is fairly good. I learned from an Italian. Mario Batali has said the same thing (although I didn't learn from him).
3. Punctuation, grammar, spelling. Have we all lost our taste for convention? Seems like the more mobile and "real-time" we become, the less we care about rules. Just a thought. I know that I am not perfect by any means, and I don't necessarily want to be perfect, but it is interesting what a pervasive effect the internet has had on the English language.
4. By the way, when was the last time you saw someone use a semi-colon? Now that's a thought that's good for some LOLZ!

This wine came about in my quest to try some different stuff. Feeling a bit stagnant, and my significant other isn't all that into wine. That means that if I say "Hey, let's go to a tasting," I get met with a glazed over stare. Anyways, love Riesling, haven't had too many from Alsace. 16$. This is from the Glintzberg Vineyaard, whcih is right next to the Grand Cru Vineyard "Altenberg de Bergbieten." This is a good demonstration of the limitations of my knowledge. Once we start getting into Grand Cru, my knowledge starts to fall apart since they tend to be expensive and I haven't had them. I probably should start to seek some of them out. Just some food for thought. Completely dry. No residual suagr. A little on the austere side. Lots of quince, citrus, and a definite mineral streak--smells a lot like chalk or wet stones to me. Also a lot of acid. The wine has great structure, and clearly has good balance. Nice finish that is minerally with melony, almost peachy over-tones. I like it, it's well-made and intersting, but it's not really blowing me away. Was a great compliment to a butternut squash risotto. B


CabFrancoPhile said...

My guess is the PR photo suggestion comes from folks who'd like all bloggers to be good little shills for their products. Here's an idea: they can pay for advertising if they want a pristine image. Or better yet, send samples to one of the bloggers who will almost always give a nice, non-crtical write-up.

Jeff said...

Ha! Maybe so? I do this thing for me...I sort of like how amateurish it is. I think it's kinda fun that way. When things get too serious, they often aren't as much fun. This is a shoot from the hip type of operation at Viva la Wino! What? You couldn't tell from my dorky joke name? Haha. By the way, you take better pictures than me. You actually stage them and frame the shot.

CabFrancoPhile said...

If you think about it, writing up mid-price European wines is a niche. Same for a Cabernet Franc. If you're really serious about getting you blog exposure, you need to have a schtick like the Wine Whore or focus on high end wines like Vinography.

Out here in the blog wilderness, it's substance over style. That limits exposure, I guess, but I want to write the same kind of stuff I'd like to read. Most people want a number, not even a tasting note. Contextualization, well, you're staying out in the wilderness.

Jeff said...

Greg (right? Say that on that Steve Heimoff post this morning...always like to look at who says what...)

Interesting thoughts...You know what gets the most hits here? Stuff from Trader Joes. Always. By a country mile. People don't look at much else by comparison, although it's tough to tell in Google because vivalawino.com has it's own counter (ie not just the post). People want info before they buy, especially if they're uncomfortable. Exposure...eh...it would be nice to get some free samples. Just once or twice. I'm not really greedy, but some free wine would be cool.

Jeff said...

Top 5 wines by page views:

Chariot Gypsy
Perrin Reserve CdR
Martin Luis Brut
Via Carlotti Prosecco
07 Cuvee des Naglys CdP (Costco)

So top 4 are TJ's, with another "non-covered" wine rounding out fifth.

What does it look like for you? Just curious...

CabFrancoPhile said...

Greg it is, though I'll go by CFP if needed.

What tool do you use to track views? Google Analytics? I haven't had that tracking my blog. As of now, I'm only aware of overall page view by day via my AdSense account.

Jeff said...

You need to install the Google analytics code. It let's you look at posts by location, browser type, referral source, etc. Different then Ad Sense. Only reason that I really know about it is that my girlfriend arbitrages PPC click ads for a living and makes big use of it. She suggested that I install it. It's pretty cool...


CabFrancoPhile said...

Cool. I'm up and running with Google Analytics. I have a post scheduled for tomorrow, should be interesting to see how many hits I get just from the RSS feed. 2? 5? 10? 0?

Jeff said...

Nice dude. Well, I know that when I turned on the analytics about 10 months after starting VLW, I was both saddened and encouraged. On the one hand, I had gotten 45 unique visits or something. On the other hand, I had only gotten 45 unique visits. Blog wilderness? Who knows? I don't know what's typical. I know that The Wellesley Wine Press gets about twice as many hits as me on a daily basis based on what he said in his anniversary post.

I don't know that it tracks it by RSS feed. I'll have to look into that.

You'll get at least one though. It's on my RSS feed...

CabFrancoPhile said...

Just looked at my stats for today: 10 unique visitors so far. Virginia State Police is one of them. I guess they're checking I'm not drinking and driving!

I guess GA doesn't track RSS links like I thought. Maybe those show up as unlinked entries?

This is cool, definitely has some spy qualities. I wonder what Google does with all the data it mines this way?

Jeff said...

Yeah I looked at how to add RSS tracking this afternoon, and my eyes rapidly glazed over.

What does Google do with info? I'm sure they use it for ads and search. All the ad stuff, like what place ads are assigned, quality score, etc...are all a black box. IE they don't explain their methodology. Goes in one end, and out the other, transformed. Probably so you can't game it (but they can). My girlfriend can talk about it for a few hours. I've listened. It's interesting.

Robert Dwyer said...

Hey Guys! Caught mention of my site (Wellesley Wine Press) here so I thought to chime in with a couple of points in case they're helpful in any way.

First, I use both Google Analytics and StatCounter and I prefer StatCounter. A couple reasons for this are that StatCounter tracks real-time (whereas Google Analytics updates on a daily basis) and I find StatCounter better suited for blogs. It's very easy to track what individual visitors do as they navigate the site and that's how I think of ways to improve my site to increase the chances someone will stay longer or become a subscriber. In this respect, I feel like Google Analytics is better for traditional websites whereas StatCounter is better for blogs. Just my personal preference.

For tracking RSS subscribers (which I think are more important than traffic on the site because you're getting confirmation that someone cares so much about what you say they're willing to subscribe to anything you might say in the future) I use FeedBurner. Some people gripe about it, and it is a little flaky, but it seems to be the best way to monitor whether your subscriber base is growing.

Hope this is helpful.

Bob Dwyer