Saturday, November 21, 2009

2005 Gianni Brunelli Rosso di Montalcino

This wine was originally 32$ at K&L and was in their Italian Wine Club one month--I've had the bottle for a couple of years. So why did it randomly get pulled out tonight? Great question. I'm not really sure myself. I made pan roasted duck breasts (along with herbed polenta and roasted butternut squash) from the Ad Hoc Cookbook, and was trying to decide what would go well with them wine-wise because I don't have a single bottle of Pinot in the house. (Yeah, I know, it's weird. I like Pinot plenty, but I always end up buying Rhone wines or Italian stuff. If anyone wants to give me some good Pinots/Burgundy, feel free, haha.) Riesling is off limits generally since Sarah doesn't really like riesling--especially not off-dry ones (although she liked the one last night), but the only one I have sitting around is off-dry. So that's how this bottle got picked. Seemed like the bright cherry of the Sangiovese and some earth would go well with the duck. It wasn't too far off.

Nose of cherries and a hint of leather. Good balance, nice acidity that's supported by good density and weight. You know what though? This wine isn't all that exciting. It's sort of a let down, actually. Definitely have had way better Rosso di Montalcino, and at the price, it's a little disapointing. There's nothing wrong with it, there's just a lack of fireworks. C


CabFrancoPhile said...

This is off topic, but probably germane nonetheless:

Looks like '07 Parker hype is having the desired effect!

Jeff said...

Yeah, I bought a couple bottles of that on Friday when I saw it. 40$ is crazy cheap for Vieux Telegraphe. Lowest I could find online elsewhere was 60$. It's almost a shot across the bow. That's probably damn close to wholesale.