Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2006 Valpane Barbera del Monferrato Rosso Pietro

This wine is only 9$ in the K&L Italian Wine Club, which I quit, because they had a viscious streak of some really mediocre new world wines. Imported by Kermit Lynch (always a sign of quality in my book). Anyways, this wine doesn't really fit that bill. Definitely more up my alley than the Briccotondo, which takes on a different personality becuase of the barrique aging. No barrique, no plum, and no chocolate on this wine. Just fresh, wild fruit. Definitely traditionally Italian, although there is a bit of a twist to this wine. Barbera is generally acidic and can be perceived as "sharp." Now in my book, this isn't neccessarily a bad thing--it pairs really well with tons of tomatoey Italian food (last night with a "cooked water soup" we make frequently that has a tendency to be a "rough" pairing for most wines), pizza, and anything that's intensely rich because of all the acidity. This wine has a twist though--it's got a lot more ripeness and fruit than normal, which are balanced out by the acidity. Instead of being sharp, this wine comes off as having a lot more depth and is drinkable by itself. Lots of cherry character, as well as more savoury aromas in the background of tar, earth, and some pepper. Fleshy and ripe in the mouth, with the acidity well balanced by the rest of the wine. Finish is a bit short, but this is a pleasurable wine to drink, goes great with food, and is immensely enjoyable. A-


CabFrancoPhile said...

Kermit Lynch is a master. I had an '05 Montagne-St. Emilion imported by Lynch at a restaurant last week. It was one of the lower priced options on the wine list (yet double retail, of course), and was superb. Lynch is known for the Loire and Southern France, and yet he still finds good value in Bordeaux, a region he doesn't care for much!

Jeff said...

Yeah dude. Kermit Lynch is awesome. Never had a bad wine from him.