Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well, I must admit that I feel kinda like an idiot...I've had this domain for almost a year now, but I just haven't bothered to figure out how to set it up. Let me just say...I'm no idiot, but all the instructions for pointing something from Blogger to a website suck ass. least I finally fucking figured it out. So now is a live beast.


Robert Dwyer said...

What a pain in the neck, right? For the business about getting your site to come up without "www."- which company are you using for your domain name? I've been through it with Name Secure and GoDaddy and I may be able to provide some tips.


jason said...

Congrats on checking that box! I remember how long I stared at that "to-do"

Jeff said...

Yeah, I just used Godaddy. I think I got it figured out now. It's funny how bad the instructions are. I mean I'm not tech unsavvy or anything, but it was still quite a pain in the ass. It is funny how long it took though. I bought the domain in January.