Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2007 Owen Roe "Sinister Hand"

Owen Roe is one of my favorite wine-makers because a. They're from the Northwest, and b. they're a great middle ground between old-world and new-world styles. There is a very nice series of posts from RJ's Wineblog detailing many of the Owen Roe Wines. Definitely worth a look and interesting because there are not many wine blogs that detail so many wines from one producer. After Monday's Sainte Cosme Chateauneuf-du-Pape, I got all fired up and decided that I wanted to try something a little more modern just as a point of comparison while the magnificent Saint Cosme was still fresh in my mind.

Sinister Hand is around 24$, and is a blend of 62% Grenache, 21% Syrah, and 16% Mouvedre. Sinister Hand immediately reaches out and grabs you with it's bright cherry and raspberry notes--typical of grenache. There are also supporting notes of pepper, some herbaceous qualities, which I'm going to call mint, and something else that's lurking in the background that's kind of earthy. This wine is all about the fresh fruit qualities, but still maintains it's balance. The texture is silky, smooth, and almost a little creamy. This is definitely a new-world wine, but one with poise. Still, there's not a chance that I would prefer this to the Saint Cosme. Sinister Hand is good, the label is amusingly sinister (maybe I should have saved this for Halloween??), but it's just not as interesting or complex. B/B+


CabFrancoPhile said...

Nice post. I guess you gotta go Old World for serious complexity even if the NW does better than CA.

Interesting to glance at the links to RJ's blog posts on Owen Roe. The '07 Rosa Mystica seemed quite similar to the '06 I tried, with some heat being a sticking point in both cases.

Jeff said...

RJ has a cool blog...definitely doesn't have the same tastes as me, but it's always entertaining to read.