Saturday, August 22, 2009

2007 Allimant Laugner Muscat

16$ at K&L. This has been kicking around in the fridge for most of the summer, so I decided that after last nights Pinot Gris with Muscat in it, that it would be fun to just try a Muscat. I don't recall having any of these from Alsace--sure, I'm sure I've had a few, I just don't remember. I've had plenty of Moscato, from Italy, and some late-harvest dessert wine stuff too. This wine is a totally different beast from those.

According to K&L, the Allimant family has been making wine since 1724, ie a long time. Dry, or nearly dry at 12.5% alcohol. It comes off as maybe just a tad sweet, but I don't think that it is. Extremely floral nose with pungent tangerine and orange scents. (I haven't had these for a really long time (probably at least 15 years), but the nose reminds me of the scent of Fruit Loops cereal after they've been soaking in milk for 10 minutes. Don't ask me why. For whatever reason that's what my brain connected to this combination of aromas. Maybe I'm insane?) Orange/Tangerine continue along with mineral notes and eventually fade to grapefruit. Nice finish with lingering bitter notes that are an interesting contrast to the initial sweetness of the citrus. Lots of acids, supported by rich fruit. I'm going to have to check out some more wines from Alsace. Went great with Salmon and a roasted vegetable pasta. A

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