Friday, August 7, 2009

2006 Frédéric Mabileau St.-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil Les Rouillères

When I opened up this wine, I was thinking about taste preferences. Sometimes it shocks people to know that I think Coke tastes like shit and I haven't had one in years. Same with McDonald's. A lot of people seem surprised that I also am not a huge fan of dessert. They generally think that I'm insane. And I was thinking about all this in the context of Cabernet Franc and pondering why exactly that is. I guess some of it has to come down to something primal about sugar. Like it or not, humans evolved in such a fashion that sugar is basically like crack. So since most people treat it that way, and since I'm not an addict (I guess a teetotaler in some sense with sugar...Haha...), I guess they think I have some screws loose. Are you a bit of a rebel if you like Cabernet Franc? I think so, but I really don't understand why. How could you dislike this wine? Sure, perhaps people get a bit turned off by sometimes leafy and green aromas, or perhaps you prefer wines that are full of raisiny, jammy flavors instead. I still don't get why y'all don't like Cabernet Franc. This wine is complex and absolutely delicious. The nose is incredibly complex with blackberry, cherry, minerally notes, earth, violets, and olive notes. Once in the mouth, it's all blackberries, more cherries, and mineral tones. Good balance, nice acids, some tannin in the background, and a good finish, but perhaps just a tad bit hollow and undefined. Still, at 16$, this wine is delicious and food friendly. A lot of times we make a "modified eggplant parmesan," that really is more like a lasagna where you replace the noodles with eggplant. It's a fairly robust dish. This wine rocked with it, and it has put many a wine to shame for all it's girth and tomatoey acidity. A

While thinking about all this, I was also thinking about "the tasting note." What a boring form of writing. It's specific to a fault, and a complete cliche. Definitely something that could only spill forth from the brain of an obsessed, complete, and utter nerd. Of course I suppose that we could divert back to the old-school British way and define wines like people. In which case, I would say that this wine is MILFY. Why? Well, it's got a nice figure, but it's a little (not too much) flabby. It's also more refined/elegant--it's a lived a bit more if you will, than something more new world and "younger." And it's a sexy wine. So yeah. I thought this wine was kind of MILFY. And I think that's a lot more descriptive than telling you all about all the fruits that I can smell.


CabFrancoPhile said...

I tried this one a while back. My bottle was a bit funkier, suggesting it got warm enough for some Brett bloom, but not so hot it outright cooked. I rather enjoyed it since it was pleasantly funky. I think maybe I'll throw one of these in my next K&L order to see if there's more fruit expression.

Jeff said...

Huh interesting. This one wasn't funky at all. Just super complex...lots of savory notes. I liked this wine a ton. I've never had anything from Mabileau before, but I think after this I'm going to have to track down some other stuff.