Sunday, August 23, 2009

2006 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon

This was 20$ at K&L. Imported by Kermit Lynch. Sold out now. Although it's labeled simply Chinon, this actually is not their entry level wine (Les Granges); it's their mid-level wine. Fermented in completely in cement. There is an excellent post on the Wine Doctor about this producer, which you should check out.

Cherries, blackberries, minerals, olive and leafy aromas. This wine has a lot of texture and weight to it. Impeccable balance, lots of depth, and a certain masculine, powerful quality. Minerally, stony finish--long. I am a bigger fan of this than the Frederic Mabileau I recently had. This wine (although from a completely different appellation, mind you), was more focused with more depth and had more intensity. Too bad that this is sold out. I would like to pick up a few more bottles. A


CabFrancoPhile said...

Wish I had gotten a hold of any of the '06 wines from Baudry. I have a couple from '07 and one '05 hidden where it cannot be touched. I actually haven't tried any of his wines yet, but I hear only good things. If the '07s from a tougher vintage are good, I'll be all in for his '08s when and if I see them. '08 supposedly could be a very good Loire vintage due to great weather preceding harvest.

Jeff said...

I didn't realize that 06 wasn't supposed to be a not that great vintage. I'm going to be on the look out for Baudry now. This wine was pretty good. Interesting that the Wine Doctor didn't like it that much. But he had it over a year ago.

I liked this Baudry as much as Joel Taluau. I'm most familiar with his wines. I've had several now. I still have some '05's in my cellar.

CabFrancoPhile said...

I think I have an '05 Taluau somewhere in hiding, too.

I've really enjoyed the '06s I've tried so far, bad vintage or otherwise. But K&L probably buys from the better, more consistent producers anyway. Maybe the average wines are not that great while the "expensive" $15-$25 top level wines are still really good.