Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Villa Carlotti Prosecco Marco Trevigiana IGT

Picked this up at TJ's for 5$. It's kind of funny that there isn't a cage on this wine, just a normal cork. On the nose, I get some peaches/apple/citrus. Although the wine is not dry (10.5% alcohol), it's fairly tart, with grape-fruity mid-palate flavors. Maybe it strays a little into peach/apple or lemon territory, but really, it's fairly tart. There is a lingering softness to the wine, that makes it come off as fairly juicy. This wine sort of reminds me of Fresca. It's all right, but not even close to as good as the Zonin Prosecco that's 1$ more. C-


Jane said...

It's a possibility that the reason there was no cage on top of the cork, is becaue the wine supplier who provided this Prosecco to TJ's may have suspected or known that the bottles from time to time would explode. I used to buy this all the time at my local TJ's, then suddenly they stopped selling it. When I asked why, the wine person told me the bottles kept exploding in the storeroom (this never happened to me) and customers were also complaining this was happening at home, so they stopped buying from this supplier. The supplier explained the vintage for the past couple of years was not very good, which caused the exploding. And they would wait until the next year, and try again to sell/supply to TJ's. Just got a call today the new vintage is in. Going to pick some up and we'll see what happens from there and if these bottles have cages on them. Although I never took note of that before.

Wyllo said...

Just moved here from Italy (not far from Valdobbiadene the true Prosecco region) and many brands of prosecco do not have a cage, just a cork.