Saturday, September 13, 2008

2007 J. Hofstatter Pinot Nero Alto Adige

Had this at Lucques (which was AMAZING)...nice earthy, cherry fruit.
As it opened up there where some smoky notes. Tasty and was a great food went with lamb carpaccio, veal, halibut, and soft shell crab. It was 55$ at the restaurant so probably about 20$ retail. B


tw said...

Thanks for the post! We had it Saturday night at Lucques and I couldn't remember the year.

I had the pork chop. Another had the rabbit. Two others had the slow cooked beef rib dish. This wine went well with all of them. Perhaps it was a little light for the deep beef dishes, but it still worked just fine.

I've had other reds from (way) northern Italy and have found some really nice surprises that go well with food. Hopefully we can get the folks at Wine Expo to carry this. I think they'd like it.

tw said...

Oh, FYI, I found the following prices:
Wally's (Westwood): $32
Fine Wine House (Upland): $30 $22

Note: I have not purchased from yet. I've browsed, but don't know if they're legit.